Error updating quickfinder indexes

You can however change a folder and activate Quick Search Extended and change the folder back.This should clear the cache._________________Quick Search e Hi tuska, Quick Search Extended implements a caching system for WDX strings.The Appearance Editor Screen allows you to edit those Theme files. The built-in Theme Editor allows you to view or change (see next paragraph) any code kept in a Theme Template or Stylesheet files.The particular file contents are displayed in the large text (or edit) box that dominates this Screen.The dll opens it on start: I cannot think of a way to detect to what the TQUICKSEARCH-Window belongs to.

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Among the many user editable files in a standard Word Press installation are a Theme's Template and Stylesheet files.I upgraded Package for Magento CE 1.9.1 to 1.9.3 with Magento Connect Manager and have now Error 500 when trying to log into admin. in your case its error 500 so please check your PHP configurations. change the file permission for Magento files and try again. If you need it - it looks like there is a lack of Integer Net_Magento Localized Ebay_Block_Adminhtml_Page_Head class in Magento Localized Ebay module. If you get an internal server error then you should first check your server.If the full text of the file cannot be viewed, a scroll bar to the right of the text box is provided.Since Theme files are pure text, no images or pictures can be inserted into the text box.

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